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Multi-Coloured Geo-isometric Textile Art

Each patch in this wall quilt was made from different coloured true scrap leftover fabric (no repeats). Every individual piece of this quilt was positioned on a pin board as if using an artist’s paint palette.
The hexagon shape is making a statement as the centre and is basically a 6 point star layout with an inspirational colour wheel effect. It was assembled in six separate triangular fragments up to the border.
The hand quilting was done on a stretched homemade frame in straight lines radiated from the centre and the background quilted in small straight line triangles.
The quilt was handmade (EPP, 6cm side measurement) and quilted at the beginning of my Quilting Career, for the 1992 National Quilt Festival in Johannesburg.

This quilt holds a special place in my heart and home as isometric quilting was still unknown, I was still inexperienced and everybody was still too squared. This quilt proves that anybody can do it, if you put your mind, heart, and creative spirit behind it.

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