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Traditional Hexagon Quilt

Art elements and principals are well represented in this traditional hexagon quilt made with true left over fabric bits, which placed this quilt into a specific genre with geo-isometric measurements and origin. This quilt contains mainly hexagons triangles and diamonds, with fantastic:
• variety of colours,
• value play: tints and shades;
• intensity: energy to draw attention;
• visual texture: prints and solids.
Light reflexes on it during the day, with late afternoon providing the best ambience for viewing. What you see also has visual weight, comforting the eye as it appears balanced, because all the art elements are in harmony with each other. Nothing seems out of place or worrisome.
Designing this quilt started on the pin up board with a two coloured 6 point start surrounded with hexagons in the middle. 

The radiation took place in two phases with a 12 circle pieced hexagon. It was finished off with 6 value graded yellow triangles and 6 light diamond shapes. The attractive energy contained in these colour combinations are strongly exclaimed to highlight the 12 point star quilt. The kaleidoscopic effect from the centre moves the eye outward. Because the whole pieced quilt is appliqued it shows dramatically against the blueish strip pieced night sky. Dimensional perspective and symmetries are unique to isometric work. You can read more on this and other triangular surprises in Quilt Potpourri. Now also available as an E-Book in Afrikaans and English.

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