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Protea designs & a full-circle trip

While passing through a small town in the Southern Cape, South Africa, we had the privilege of an overnight stay at the Art Café, situated in the mid-town (De Rust) on the main road. The plain but arty room décor was bedazzling. Hand-painted frames around wall hangings, a hand-painted framed jigsaw puzzle, were a creative feast for the eyes. The bedroom décor and cushions all had some hand stitchery, applique, and other decorative surprises.
Arriving for breakfast, served in our private dining area, immediately gave the impression that we were in an artistic landscape. Besides the rooms, there was a gallery filled with artwork. And then I met the owner and artist, Elize du Buson. Not only is machine quilt painting her specialty, but she was also busy with a stained glass appliqued quilt. She recognized me as the author of my 1984 book, Protea Designs for Piecing & Quilting. She was using the protea patterns from my book. Her interpretation of the patterns constructed solely from scissor-cut leftover pieces was impressive. She plans to hand quilt it. That is the reason why I wrote my books. I want to involve people in using their hands for the greater good with their minds occupied by being creative and lifting spirits in these challenging times and serve as a great stress reliever. In desperate situations, it can provide a financial outcome. Patterned grid paper and pin board designing with the EPP method of piecing can be a great addition to everybody’s quilting resume. I believe that’s the way forward. YouTube has interesting videos on new stained glass techniques, using a pre-cut iron-on bise binding and a handy quilting accessory called the Clover Mini Iron. Please take the time to watch it. 

I gladly share the knowledge I have gained over the years to inspire the future contemporary quilters of the world. This hobby is for everyone.

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