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Identifying Polygon Shapes

Polygons are clusters of triangles crossing in the center or around a patch, designed on a polar or spider web grid with either a known diameter or a circumference. (To find the diameter of a circle, multiply the circumference by .31831. Determine the circumference of circles by multiplying the diameter by 3.1416).
The composition of a polygon grid is kaleidoscopic (concentric, solid, or pieced triangles) and relates to the spoke count or the spider web layout. It can be a mandala, a circular showpiece, and a tool for meditation in many cultures representing the inter-connectedness of all life. A good example is the “flower of life” seen in and on many objects and décor items. (A source of contemplation and awareness of deep thought).
Draw polygon shapes on a polar (circular) or spider web grid. Geo-isometric triangular patterns drawn for bed- and wall quilts and throws or table runners will have different spoke numbered graph paper. Three, six, and nine spokes on equilateral graph paper. 2, 4, 6, and 8 spokes on a regular square graph, and 5, 10, and 20 spokes will give you pentagons and decagons.

Identify Polygon shapes (multi-cornered shapes for designing isometric patterns) by the number of spokes and triangles, the ring count, and width. The appearance is also influenced by which corners of the grid are connected. Terms used to find polygons are: Radial rosettes, concentric kaleidoscopes, circular blocks, mandalas, isometric stars, millefiore (multiple flowers), and sacred hexagons are known patterns used. They all lend themselves to masterpieces with fussy-cut, using EPP or FPP as the two favorite piecing methods.

With the most popular hexagon, 2×3 triangular clusters as the worldwide favorite with regular corner-sized triangles. All the others have irregular corner-sized triangles.
There is nothing new to these shapes; they all come from the earth and have the potential to create harmony within ourselves and the outside world.

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