Welcome to Quilt Potpourri, the official website of Maretha Fourie.

Welcome to the world of isometric quilt making. This is represented on the cover page of my book Quilt Potpourri: a mixture of 60° triangle, diamond and hexagon patterned quilts.

My book, Quilt Potpourri, is as far as I know the first book that explores the secrets and potential of the equilateral triangle that can be as popular as the square. Quilt Potpourri enables the quilter to create a great variety of original and contemporary patterns including the ever popular hexagon.

The book represents the joint information I gathered during festivals locally and overseas, demonstrations, workshops and gatherings. A great inspiration also was the published books, magazines and computer for reference purposes.
This is the quilter’s reference book! A valuable addition to the quilter’s library and a striking coffee table book.
That which I was able to learn, see and hear and which is very close to my heart, I gladly and gratefully share it with my fellow quilt-making-friends and students.
Maretha Fourie

My favourite inspirational field for life and quilt making is nature. I chose six petalled flowers as my point of departure. This was mapped onto isometric graph paper as a six pointed star and re-interpreted in fabric for a wall quilt. My book Quilt Potpourri is available in English and Afrikaans concentrating on the geometric triangular family of quilts:

  • with different lay-outs, shapes and styles
  • richly illustrated with colourful photos and hand coloured drawings
  • containing  a complete understanding of how isometric patterns are
  • designed  and adjusted for a wide variety of quilts and colourcompilations
  • serving all quilt makers regardless of their field of interest
  • inspiring the seasoned quilter as well as the novice.